Relate to FriCARE
Our company team has more than 10 years of working experience in providing health care services. We founded FriCARE in 2016 which has achieved a good reputation in the field of providing Home Healthcare in the US.

Begin with the flu virus
In Nov 2018, during the visit of customers in the US, and we caught up over a cuppa with our friends in the spare time, it was the time when the flu prevailed, without wearing the face mask, our friends came in this cafe which was sitting in many people. It was unbelievable for us to see that situation, that would increase the chances of human-to-human transmission for virus infection. We learned from the friends that it was difficult for them to buy face masks when the flu is high.

Set up FluCARE
With a background in health care, our team set the sight on the personal hygiene products industry, we were eager to produce more qualified products to more people to protect themselves. After returning to China, immediately our team went to the factory personally to discuss from the procurement of raw materials to strict control of the production process to the final production of high-quality products that meet the standards. In this way, our FluCARE brand was born, as an important member of FriCARE. A dynamic brand that focuses on making people live in a hygiene environment.  

Fight against COVID-19
After our new brand came out, another enemy COVID-19 suddenly broke out. Our FluCARE brand will stand with people and produce the best products as armor to fight against the virus. We firmly believe that victory belongs to our humans.

FluCARE & Fingers Crossed
Our brand was born because of the Flu virus, and we also have another beautiful meaning, the two capital letters F & C in FluCARE mean Fingers Crossed, our company Finger Crossed For all human beings.